Marine Urethane - Blue Water Marine Paint
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Marine Urethane is a two component (3:1 mix ratio) marine grade acrylic polyurethane finish. High gloss and excellent color retention. Fast drying and good leveling characteristics. Very good resistance to chemicals, cleaners and abrasion.

A two part polyurethane gloss finish:

Intended use: Cosmetic finish for above water areas, topsides and houses. For exterior use only.
Product Info: Color Various Finish / sheen High gloss Curing agent VOC Compliant Activator Volume solids 52.0% ±2% depending on color Mix ratio 3:1 (3 parts base plus 1 part activator) Typical film thickness 1.5 – 2.5 mils DFT Theo coverage 556 square feet per gallon @ 1.5 mil DFT Flash point 21 degree F
Dry Times: 40F 50F 75F 90F Touch dry 12 hr 6 hr 2 hr 1 hr Hard dry 36 hr 16 hr 10 hr 8 hr Overcoating 18 hr 12 hr 15hr 3 hr * Maximum overcoating time is 72 hours
Systems and Compatibility: MARINE URETHANE must only be applied over recommended anticorrosive primers (MARINE AC 70 or MARINE AC 80) or clean aged polyurethane.
Surface Preparation: Major refurbishment: MARINE URETHANE must only be applied over recommended anticorrosive primers. Primers must be clean, dry and free of contamination. MARINE URETHANE must be applied within the overcoating intervals.
Maintenance and Repair: High pressure water wash using 3000 psi minimum to remove all contamination. Damaged areas should be prepared to Near White Blast SSPC-SP10 (Sa2.5). Repair any defects revealed after the blast. Do not allow surface to flash rust before application of MARINE AC 70 or MARINE AC 80. Primed surface must be dry and free of all contamination prior to the application of MARINE URETHANE.
Onboard Maintenance: Wash surface with fresh water to remove all contaminants. Remove all loosely adhered paint. Damaged areas should be prepared to Power Tool Clean SSPC-SP3 (St 3) or Commercial Blast SSPC-SP6 (Sa2). Prime bare steel surface with MARINE AC 70 or MARINE AC 80. Apply MARINE URETHANE within the dry times specified by the primer data sheet.
Application data: Mixing: Two part product must be mixed before application. Power mix each part before mixing together. Always mix full containers to insure proper mix ratio. Strain material with a 60 mesh screen. Use within potlife.
Thinning: Paint is supplied at spray viscosity. If thinning is necessary, add 5% of thinner by volume. Use THINNER 973 for external applications.
Airless Spray: Airless spray is recommended. Tip size is 13 - 19 thou. Output fluid pressure at spray tip 2000 psi. Use water separator in line.
Conventional Spray: Conventional spray is not recommended.
Brush: Recommended for small areas only. Multiple coats may be required to achieve specified film thickness.
Roller: Roller use is recommended for small areas only. Multiple coats may be required to achieve specified film thickness. Use 1/4" medium nap roller cover.
Cleaner: THINNER 973. Cleanup: Flush all equipment with THINNER 973. Filter material prior to use. Flush spray equipment during heavy use. Dispose of paint cans in accordance with local regulations. Close lid thoroughly for storage.


Marine Urethane

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